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Coral Calcium Testimonials

"After only two days of use my subtle but significant results were and are: I now have balance in my system - no longer require "Mylanta" before, during and after meals - my system has normalized - feels pretty good: nose bleeds have now dissipated from the usual 2-3 times per day to just 2 in the last 2 weeks plus; and energy levels are up!" -Danny, Vista, California

"After taking calcium for 10 days I can do things I couldn't do before like a full squat and rise from a kneeling position without help. My wife had a heart attack last Thursday AM because of cholesterol, and they inserted a stent in the vessel with no damage to the heart. She is on calcium now feeling better than she has for months." -Bob, Albany, Georgia

"My husband says he feels a lot better after taking Coral Calcium. He has more stamina. He is 75 years old and has more energy than most 21 year olds. Thank you very much. It's always nice speaking to you, I always feel like I'm talking to someone I've known for years." -Susan, Camarillo, California

"I have had chronic pain in my wrist, elbow and shoulder for the past 2-3 years. I tried chiropractic, massage therapy, ultra-sound and kinesiology. NOTHING worked to relieve the pain, EXCEPT Coral Calcium!" - Bob S., New York

"Soon after attending a lecture by Bob Barefoot, researcher/chemist, on Coral Calcium, my husband discovered he had Cancer of the Prostrate and it had attached to his bones. We knew this was not good. Instead of having Chemo-therapy my husband made a decision to use Coral Calcium as a supplement. Four weeks after starting on Coral Calcium, my husband returned for a follow up visit to the Doctor. Test were ran at this time and NO CANCER CELLS WERE FOUND. " -June Bowers, Oklahoma

"Gary is a 50 year-old friend of mine battling Lung Cancer for over 2 years. He was "reportedly" in remission shortly after his first regimen of Chemo-therapy 2 years ago, and another "precautionary regimen" about 6 months or so ago. About a month ago his doctor told him "it looks like it has returned", and put him on another regimen of Chemo, for about 2 weeks which really made him sick this time. A few days later he said he would try "anything" at this point, because the doctor didn't seem so optimistic on his last visit, and he was losing hope & faith in "modern medicine", and wanted to try Coral Calcium. He also started drinking milk and getting some sun. I suggested taking 9 capsules/day until the first bottle was gone. I saw him today. He's been on it 7 days. He really looked great and he was bragging about how good he felt - better than he had in several years. He said for the first time in 2 years he was no longer constipated, and his strength and energy is so much better." -Bob Zachar, Tennessee

"I am so happy that the heartburn stopped immediately. I am sharing these with my daughter and telling friends about them. " -Barbara Sykes, Venice, Florida

"I started taking Coral Calcium after my wife Helen did just out of curiosity, because she was getting relief from fibromyalgia. I had back surgery in June of 1998 to repair a herniated disc, and orthroscopic surgery on my left knee 6 years ago. Between January and June of 2000 both had started to bother me again to the point I could see more surgery in my future. I got relief on the first day I started Coral Calcium. By the third day the pain was gone. I continue to take Coral Calcium and continue to be pain free. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. People shouldn't be such skeptics and be more open minded about things they haven't tried. " -Jeff Rodkey

"I have had Crohn's disease for many years and have taken many drugs only to continue suffering day after day. I had several operations and still had flair ups from time to time. I hurt in my joints a lot and felt awful. I was on Prilosec and painkillers for my stomach and heartburn. I was introduced to Coral Calcium. I am well pleased with the results." -W. Duke, Tennessee

"I've been fighting Fibromyalgia, Muscular Atrophy, Osteo-arthritis for years. I've been disabled since 1990. For the past two years I've watched life go by, from Doctor to Doctor, meds to meds. (Vicoden es, Zoloft, Robaxin, Prednisone, Celebrex, Steroid Injections,) Therapy and more therapy, WHAT A LIFE, I EXISTED. June 15th we went to Harrisburg to hear Joe Stevens speak what a wonderful man. He gave me a bottle of Coral Calcium and said to take six tabs a day and I'm thinking YEAH RIGHT another pill just like everybody elses "THE BEST". I told my brother I can't take calcium it makes my joints hurt worse. OH MY THANK YOU JOE, within three days I was outside pushing the wheelbarrel. After about two weeks I was able to go off a lot of my meds. There is a life outside the Doctor. office and a bed. This is now August 15th, I don't rely on drugs and narcotics. My doctors are astounded and willing to learn. " -Helen Rodkey

"Dr. Krebs (our chiropractor) was in excruciating pain last Friday (June 16th) from the 3 blown discs in his lower back. He has some good days & some bad days. Friday was his worst day in a long time! I gave him a bottle of Coral Calcium. He opened it, took 9 capsules right then at 5pm. He took 9 more Saturday morning and evening, 9 more again Sunday morning & evening. And, again he took 9 on Monday morning. When we saw him at 2 pm Monday, he was a completely different person: totally out of PAIN, laughing, jovial, in a good mood. He said, "Coral Calcium is a fantastic product, and is doing some things he has never seen before in any other calcium product that he has personally used. It is VERY bio-available because of the Calcium from Sango Coral, [contains an organic composition IDENTICAL to that of a human skeleton & other trace minerals essential to human life]." -George LeGrande, OK

"I was in a lot of pain in my shoulders from lifting gallon paint cans over my head at work, putting them on shelves & taking them down. I decided to take Coral Calcium & MSM. On Monday morning I began taking 2 capsules of Coral Calcium & Bio-MSM both morning and evening. By 6 pm Tuesday, I could raise my arms & reach for the sky, clap my hands behind my back. nearly completely pain free! WOW....after just ONE day on these 2 products! " -Tom Foy, Oklahoma

"I had an accident at work. My foot caught in a machine which pushed it backwards and messed up the muscles, tendons and ligaments on the top of my foot. This caused me to have a cast put on and to walk with crutches. A week later I went back to the Doctor, and he was amazed how my foot had healed in a weeks time. I had been taking 9 Coral Calcium a day since it happened and 6 Bio-MSM. All the black & blue is gone. The Doctor said it should be still there. He was also amazed that I had enough strength in my foot in just a week. I told him about the Coral Calcium and he told me I was the third person who had been taking Coral Calcium." -Tina, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

"I would love to share some testimonies with you. My husband, Mark, had heal spurs when we attended the conference in May. I heard Robert Barefoot speak and after the session, I went out of the room to speak with him to ask him about Mark's condition. He told me to have Mark take 6 Coral Calcium's per day and in 3-6 months he would see tremendous results. Guess what???? Now Mark is completely PAIN FREE!!!!! Mark had been to the doctor. The doctor had him taking steroids (which caused him to gain weight), and also the doctor had him taking liquid calcium. After taking these prescriptions, the pain would come right back. The alternative was going to be surgery. THANK GOD we went to the conference and heard about Coral Calcium. It certainly saved Mark from a lot of unnecessary pain and time off from work." - Betty Gosda, Illinois

"I have been taking Coral Calcium for about 1 1/2 months now. I went to the doctor and had my blood work done last week and my cholesterol has come down 67 points. He told me to keep doing whatever I was doing because it was working. I gave him the information on Coral Calcium. Thank you, " -Lynn Goff [an error occurred while processing this directive]